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Christian Email Marketing: The Power of Christian Email Segmentation

Though we don’t do it nearly as often as we should, when my wife and I do manage to have a date night, we always go to our favorite restaurants.  Sometimes I get to pick, while at other times she chooses where we’ll dine.  Nevertheless, no matter which we choose, there is one thing most every restaurant does while seating the two of us… they immediately hand us a menu.

Now, why would they do such a thing?  They do so in order that my wife and I can 

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see what they have to offer.  Once making our selections, the waiter/waitress will then take the menus from us and place our order.

However, over time my wife and I will basically no longer need the menu.  Now when we go to our favorite restaurants on date night, we know exactly what we want, and exactly how we’d like it to be cooked.

So what does this have to do with Christian email marketing…?  I’ll explain while breaking down the process of Christian Email Segmentation.

What is Christian Email Segmentation?

So, what is Christian email segmentation, and what purpose does it serve?

As I stated a moment ago, the waiter at the restaurant hands my wife and I a menu while seating us.  Why?  Because it provides convenience for the customer.  Instead of the waiter having to stand there and quote every item and price to us, we are provided the convenience of being able to look and see for ourselves.

Therefore, let’s assume you have an ecommerce site.  When you first begin your email marketing campaigns (learn how to build your email list by reading our latest article, Christian Internet Marketing: Christian Email Marketing 101, you will start by sending out emails to your clients and potential clients that show them what’s on the menu – what products it is that you have to offer.  However, the greatest mistake most every Christian business makes today, is the same mistake most other businesses make today. 

In the beginning, it is perfectly acceptable to send out the entire menu to your new, and potentially new clients.  This is an email showing several different products and/or services to your clients.  But how annoying is it when constantly being bombarded with email marketing ads that are of no interest to you?  These emails are only good for filling up your inbox.

And this is the purpose and importance of Christian email segmentation.  You can learn to send out email marketing campaigns that are target-specific to your clients.

The Power Behind Email Segmentation

So, what exactly does the process of Christian email segmentation look like?

Let’s say you have a client who is a first time online shopper at your ecommerce store.  During her first visit, she purchases a Joyce Meyer book and a Christian t-shirt.  This doesn’t necessarily mean she only buys Joyce Meyer books and Christian tees.  However, we do know that she buys books and tees.

Now, let’s say over the next 30 days you send her an email ad of your full menu – showing products from each of your categories – the latest inspirational novel, t-shirts, jewelry, posters and children’s books.  And two weeks later, she returns to your site and purchases two more Christian t-shirts.

Aha!  Now we’re onto something.  Without a doubt, we know she likes Christian tees.

Therefore, instead of annoying her by continuously sending out the full-menu email ad (of things that are of no interest to her), you can place her in a “Segmented” email campaign that sends her email ads for your latest Christian tee designs. 

Now, this doesn’t mean you never send her another full-menu ad again.  It simply means that you do so much less often.

When my wife and I have visited a restaurant a few times, we no longer need to look at the menu, because we know what we like and what we want.

However, every once in a while we’ll ask to view the “full-menu” in order to see if there is anything new that we might want to try.

In the same way, send your customers email marketing ads you’re absolutely positive they’ll want to see.  This is excellent customer service!

The Purpose of Email Segmentation

Every customer is different.  Each has his/her own desires and needs.  They eat different foods, read different kinds of books, wear different styles of clothes, and they wear different types of jewelry.  Therefore, why in the world would you continue to send the same ad to all of them?  It doesn’t make sense.

Christian email segmentation is about separating your clients into categories in which they best fit. Christian Internet Marketing, Christian Email marketing, Christian Email Segmentation

Some of your clients enjoy reading fiction Christian novels, while others read only nonfiction.  Some will constantly purchase Christian children’s books for their children and grandchildren, while others don’t even have children and grandchildren.

Just like while dining, some choose poultry over seafood, and tea over soda.

As a Christian Business Owner, you have an incredible opportunity to serve your clients in a way that hardly anyone in the world is currently doing.  You can send them email ads they actually want. 

Because of technology, this is the absolute best customer service that you could possibly provide for your clients, and one they’ll thank you for time and again.  And because there are so few using this customer-service-driven technique, you will quickly rise to the top as a leading provider in your industry.

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God Bless…