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“Mr. Vickery, I absolutely love the emails and videos you’re doing for Blue Ribbon… they add Gold!”

Dwight S., Owner, Blue Ribbon Auto Group

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50/50: Conveniently Pay 50% of total at the beginning of project, and pay the remainder due 30 days later.

6-Month Payment Plan:  Pay 20% at the beginning of project, and 6 equal payments every 30 days.  First monthly payment due 30 days from project beginning date. 

12-Month Payment Plan:  Pay 50% at the beginning of project, and 12 equal payments every 30 days.  First monthly payment due 30 days from project beginning date. 

Not only will you find us as an Authoritative Figure when it comes to Christian Online Marketing – found among the top in Google Searches – but our founder and CEO has also received national recognition; making the cover of the prestigious “Barefoot Writer” Magazine August, 2018 Edition. 

When you hire us for any services, we’ll connect your business to our Online SEO Data Aggregators.  You can waive the $249 set-up fee, and pay only $9.99 per month.  Learn More About Our Exclusive SEO Software…