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Body Shop Website Design

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Business Logo Design for a Body Shop

What a grand opportunity to bring an old business new life!

Tanksley’s Body Shop has been in business in Arkansas for 45 years… and was still trying to operate using its original and outdated website.  These are the golden opportunities I treasure… knowing that I’ve been given a God-given opportunity to not just “Help” this business… but to totally change their lives within just a couple of months.

And when I say, “totally change their lives,” what I’m referring to is this:  as a general rule in circumstances as I’ve laid out about this body shop, within the first 60 days, the entity will begin to double their business.  Specifically speaking, they will begin:

  • Doubling their leads from phone calls and website lead forms (at minimum)
  • Doubling their number of paying clients
  • Doubling their revenue
  • And, “YES,” Doubling their profits

We literally just launched their new website on October 3rd, 2023!!  And God willing, they’re about to have a huge Christmas Surprise this year!!

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