Web Content: Still King of the Google Machine

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          Why I Love Google…


If you’d had told me seven years ago, when I was preaching from behind a pulpit, that I would one day become a “Top Rated” Freelance Writer, I would have called you, “Crazy.”

However, after becoming a top rated freelancer, if you’d told me that I would someday become a Verified Expert Copywriter through American Writers and Artist’s, Inc. (AWAI), and be working my tale off to try and save the Christian Retail Industry from ruin, I would have had you committed to an asylum.

Sure, I’d love to tell everyone how gifted I am at online marketing and blah, blah, blah.  However, that wouldn’t be the whole truth.  Though God has truly blessed me with the ability to write Outstanding Copy, I am where I am because I have learned from the best in the world.  Period!

And because I’ve learned from the best, that is why out of 4.8 million search results, I currently land on page 3 of Google when one is searching for the term, “Christian Internet Marketing.”  And this happened less than a month after launching my website…

So… what is the secret?  Let’s just say, it’s all about the word…

Content Writers: Who They are, and Whom They are NOT…

Something I never knew about Google, and consequently, what I absolutely love most about them, is that they actually care about their customers.  Seriously!

When someone performs a search on Google, what they usually get is the absolute best that Google has to offer. Why?  Because Google wants their customers to have the best.  Therefore, what Google has done is they have rewarded not only their clients, but also the author who has written the outstanding article for the search.

Web Content, Web Content Writers, Content WriterSo what does a content writer do?

If you are a business owner of any kind, this is where a point of caution comes in. There’s an old saying that goes, ” There are never any shortcuts to any place worth going.”

What I mean to say is, there are those who call themselves “Content Writers,” however, all they really do is perform a few behind-the-scenes magic tricks to get your website ranked highly with Google.  But…this will be a very short-lived position, because the pros at Google will quickly figure you out.

Therefore, as a business owner, what you will want to look for in an Excellent Content Writer is someone who writes…well…Excellent content.

Now, a good web content writer will not only have the skill-set of writing an excellent article, but he/she will also have a good understanding of keywords and keyword phrases.  Moreover, if you can find someone who also understands the importance of knowing who his/her audience is, then you will be well on your way to having a successfully written campaign.

How You can Double, Triple, and even Quadruple Your Business Revenue!

I often chuckle when I see an ad that reads like this:

web content, content writer, web content writersSEO Expert! Marketing Plan, Funnel, Landing Page, Email Automation!

Budget: $250

There’s an old adage in which we’ve all heard, “You get what you pay for.”

If you are truly serious about growing your business, and learning how to double and triple your revenue, do you really believe a $250 investment will acquire that kind of a return?

Good.  Neither do I.

When you find an Expert Content Writer, a professional who truly knows how to get your site ranked and can put together a marketing plan that includes funnels, lead magnets, landing pages, and a targeted segmented email automation, please, take the time to pay him what he’s worth.  When you do, you’ll find that you still may have issues in life, but money issues will not be one of them.