Incredible Case Study Results in Less Than 48 Hours of Launching Website!

Christian Internet Marketing Case Study for Christian Business Owners

We’ve set out to, once and for all, show the Christian Business Leaders of the world why Google Ranks us the #1 Christian Internet Marketing Company in the World!

How?  By putting our “necks” on the line. By having to prove (step by step) that what we’ve been preaching to Christian business owners over the past several years isn’t just a bunch of sales-pitch jargon to tickle your ears. 

Therefore, we’ve chosen to walk you through a case study; showing evidence of how we’re able to Double Your Business In 6 Months. 

In this case study, we’re helping the owners of this tiny boutique to launch their ecommerce website, and then work our magic in doubling their business. 

… and the immediate results are almost unbelievable. 

Though we officially launched the website on March 9th, 2020, we actually opened the site up to search engines on March 6th.  

Unbelievably, in less than 48 hours our client’s website was not only in Google Search Results, but actually at the Top in several searches!

What You Will Discover in Our First Case Study Video Below…

  • How True Expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can have immediate impact upon launching your website. 
  • How We used Facebook to make launch date successful (driving tons of website traffic). 
  • How using Google Best Practices allows even the small business owner to compete with Corporate Giants. 
  • The difference between a Website Design Company and a Website Marketing Company.

If nothing else, you have to check out the video at the 16:58 mark to see fascinating SEO results!


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