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So…What is a Christian Copywriter?

On my journey to becoming a Top Rated freelance writer of Christian novels and screenplays, I would so often come across these job postings that would read, Christian Copywriters Needed!  “What is a Christian Copywriter?” I’d mumble to myself, before quickly bypassing the perplexing heading.Copywriter, Christian Copywriter, Christian Copywriters

Having been a songwriter in a past life, I could only imagine that a copywriter was someone who, somehow, helped you to get something to the House of Congress in order to be copyrighted.  But one day, I finally had my interest piqued enough to look into this seemingly “secret society.”

After spending an entire evening researching the subject, not only did I know that it was a perfect fit for me, but I also discovered it was something that was  Desperately Needed in the World of Christian Internet Marketing!

However, after becoming a Verified Copywriter through one of the most prestigious copywriting and marketing companies in the country, American Writers and Artists, Inc., I recently had a thought that greatly opened my eyes, “Josh, if as a professional freelancer you didn’t know what a copywriter was, then how on earth is a Christian business owner or ministry supposed to know?”

Therefore, in this article I have set out to not only share with you what a Christian Copywriter does, but more importantly how incredibly valuable a Christian Copywriter can be to YOUR BUSINESS or MINISTRY.  And when making this statement, I’m referring to the fact that A Professional Christian Copywriter has the God-given skills to literally grow your business, revenue and/or Ministry into something you’ve only dreamed about.  Yes, this can only be accomplished with God’s help.  I’m not trying to bypass the scriptures about the guarantees of tomorrow, however, I am saying that Professional Copywriters are turning lackluster businesses all around the world into incredibly thriving, revenue driving, exponentially growing businesses…..Every Day!

What, Exactly, Does a Christian Copywriter Do?

Verified CopywriterSomeone who has been verified through a reliable company or agency as being one who has the skills of bringing in more customers into your business (whether online or storefront), and increasing your customer’s lifetime value at a faster rate.

If I had to give it a definition, this is how I would define a copywriter.  Though there are many different ways a Christian Copywriter can achieve your business goals, the overall talent of a professional copywriter includes, but is not limited to, having the skills to write your emails, blogs, sales ads, web content, newsletters and product descriptions in an honest and reliable way that brings great value to your business.   Not only so, but there are also different niches in which a Christian Copywriter might excel, such as:

B2B – This is Business-2-Business.  There are many different examples I could give, but let’s just say your a Christian Business who sells Bibles to Churches across the country.  A skilled B2B Christian Copywriter can help you to maximize your business strategy and revenue, bringing you in more customers, and bringing them in more often.

B2C – This refers to Business-2-Customer.  When trying to get an important message to your clients as to the value of your product(s), a Christian Copywriter can do wonders with an excellent sales page or email.

Non-Profit Fundraising – The next time you are trying to raise funds, Find a Christian Copywriter to use his/her skills in helping you to quite possibly have the most successful fundraiser you’ve ever had.

Direct Response – If you are planning to send out an advertising mailer or email, a Professional Christian Copywriter has the ability to drastically increase the response rate and response time of your mailer.

Copywriter, Christian Copywriter, Christian Copywriters, Christian MarketingThough there can be other niches, the bottom line is that a Christian Copywriter can become, literally, a huge part of the backbone of any Christian business.  How is this possible?  Because you are a business owner, and not a professional marketer.  And most business owners are busy running their business.  A Professional Christian Copywriter is not only a writer, but much of the time is also a Marketing Expert – especially when it’s a Christian Copywriter who’s niche is in ecommerce and web content.

How do I know this…?

Before becoming a Verified Christian Copywriter, I had spent much of my adult life as a manager in retail businesses and the Automotive Industry.  And quite frankly, I believed wholeheartedly there was nothing more I could learn about sales and marketing.  However, NOTHING COULD HAVE BEEN FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

When becoming a Professional Christian Copywriter, Almost Everything I learned was an incredibly new experience – for 2 main reasons:

  1. I had the awesome privilege of learning from the absolute best copywriters and marketers in the country.
  2. Like Most Christian Retailers, I didn’t realize how vastly the retail industry had shifted to the internet.

Therefore, please allow me to make this very poignant statement:

If you’re a Christian business owner who knows little to nothing about online marketing, then I highly advise you to do one of two things:

a. Invest time and money into becoming an Expert Copywriter.

b. Find a Professional Christian Copywriter who knows how to build you an endless online revenue source.

Does this sound DIRECT…?  Good.  It was meant to do so.  Now I will tell you why I’m so serious about my profession and getting the TRUTH out to Christian Business Leaders.

Copywriting 101

When I do a keyword search on the word “Copywriter,” not “Copywriter(s)” with an (S), only the singular meaning, I find there are 656 different word phrases used each month by people searching “Copywriter” through Google.

Now, I’ll give you some Staggering information that should alarm not only every Christian Christian Web Content, Christian ecommerce, Christian Copywriter, Christian CopywritersBusiness owner, but all business owners…

Out of the 656 different keyword phrases, there are approximately 35,670 search results…PER MONTH! 

This tells us there are skilled writers trying to become Professional Copywriters, and tons of businesses trying to hire Professional Copywriters.

Why is this…?  Because they get it!

The businesses that are thriving today not only have an online presence, but they are paying big bucks to have professional copywriters to help them to thrive!  THIS IS YOUR COMPETITION! These businesses hire an:

  • SEO Copywriter – A Search Engine Optimization specialist who is able to do keyword and keyword phrase research.  The specialist then writes highly informational blogs and articles for the business to increase its Google Search Rankings.
  • Web Copywriter – A copywriter who specializes in web content, making sure it is well written and presentable to the public.
  • Web Marketing Copywriter – A copywriter who knows the ins and outs of online marketing.
  • Email Marketing Copywriter – A copywriter who not only writes excellent sales emails, but who also knows how to set up Email and Segmented Email Automation.

This list goes on and on!

Does it sound like I’m trying to scare you?  Though it wasn’t my initial intent, maybe now I really am.

The Christian Retail Industry is in trouble, and I will do whatever it takes to use my God-given abilities to resurrect it from beneath the rubble in which it lies.

A professional Christian Copywriter pays for himself/herself many times over.

Get Serious!  Get Proactive!  Get a Verified Christian Copywriter!

We will be more than happy to walk alongside you for many years to come; ensuring that your business escapes the flames of the fire…

God Bless!