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Whether you need help with Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Website Design, Google Ads or even understanding you Google Analytics (or any other Christian digital marketing question), you can now get the answers you need with a quick consultation.

As your Consultant, you will gain incredibly priceless insight into almost all facets of Christian Digital Marketing through simple, convenient consultation. 

Your Christian Digital Marketing Business Funnel Blueprint

Your Perfect Blueprint For Christian Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a New Christian Business Owner, or you’ve owned your own business for years… this whole “Online Thing” can be scary, right?

But… good news is here.  And… it really doesn’t matter what kind of business you run.  This Blueprint is universal!

Now, for the 1st time ever for Christian Business Owners everywhere, I’ve put together the perfect blueprint for your business.

Blueprint for “Dummies”

The following Business Funnel is a Blueprint that will not only get your business up and running… but it will get your business up and Thriving! It includes the basics for:

  • Website Building (Social Media isn’t enough, you “MUST” have a Website). 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO drives customers to your business)
  • Web Page Optimization Architecture (Once the customer arrives, your virtual business “MUST” be designed for an excellent consumer experience)
  • Lead Generation / Conversion (the proper architecture has increased my clients lead generation over 400% every month)
  • Email Marketing (Properly implemented, email marketing provides the perfect consumer experience)
  • Google Analytics / Search Console (With God’s Wisdom, this data allows you to look into the future, and prepare your business for Exponential Growth!)

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