Your 5-Step Comprehensive Christian Email Marketing Strategy… Guaranteed Results!

My Secret, Proven System From Having Tested And Split-Tested 2.06 Million Emails… Guaranteed to Exponentially Increase Your Profits!

First, you have to change.  You have to change your way of thinking anyway.  Oh… I know that’s not what you want to hear.  But at least it’s the truth…

Whether you’re a new business owner, or you’ve been plugging away for a few decades, in order to truly succeed and flourish in today’s business world, you have to change the way you view business. 

When it comes to consulting inside the automotive industry, I first begin by changing their worldview on business.  I ask the owner of the dealership or one of his consultants, “What’s your dealership’s address… where customers come and shop for a new or used car?”  And the response is always the same; something like: 

“1234, Whatever Blvd., City, State Zip.” 

Which I then respond, “No.  It’s”

DID YOU KNOW:  Approximately 85% of the sale is completed by the time your customer walks into your store or contacts you for the first time?  85%!  Which begs the million dollar question – “What’s selling the customer during the first 85% of the buyer’s journey?”

Customers aren’t walking around on the hot asphalt of a dealership anymore trying to find their next vehicle.  They save their time and energy by looking online.  Shopping at their own pace, and at their own time for 85% of their buyers journey. 

So maybe the question is better asked, WHO is selling the customer during the first 85% of his/her buyer’s journey?”  The answer?

What you’re about to discover is not only the WHO, but also the HOW.  How I’ve been able to walk into one of the largest and most competitive industries in the world (the automotive industry), and completely dominate the competition

How to Literally Dominate Your Industry With Christian Email Marketing

Did You Know:  Email Marketing Has a 4400% ROI?  That’s your business earning $44 for every $1 you spend on your Christian Email Marketing processes. 

To prove my point, in 2018 Alone I was blessed to: 

  • Help a KIA Dealership Increase New & Used Car Sells 147% Year-Over-Year.  That’s more than doubling their business.  They sold 212 more new KIA’s alone.  
  • Help a 7-Brand New Car Dealership celebrate his most profitable year in nearly 25 years of doing business. 

Yet… all I continue to hear around the automotive industry is how “The car business has slowed way down…”

However, I would be dishonest if I gave all the glory to email marketing.  You see, email marketing has a system within itself.  And it is also a part of a system that I use to help business owners just like yourself to Double Your Business in 6 Months

Nevertheless, when many business owners think of email marketing, they simply envision sending out emails to customers and potential customers.  And quite honestly… that’s even what many so-called “Professional” email marketers believe as well. 

But… you’re about to discover the Complete and Proven Christian Email Marketing system that can be used in any and every business niche.  In a very specific order, It includes: 

  • Lead Generation
  • Email Automation
  • Email Segmentation
  • List Building
  • Email Marketing 

So without further ado, let us dive into My Secret 5-Step System…

“Mr. Vickery, I absolutely love the emails and videos you’re doing for us… they add GOLD!”

#1 Mastering The Art of Lead Generation

“But… Josh, I thought this was about email marketing.  Not lead generation.”

That is correct.  Which is why my secret system has been 100% Successful for over 2 years now.  

One of the biggest mistakes I see with business owners today is that they tend to not have a good understanding of the concept of lead generation.  But without leads, then to whom shall we send an email?

Let me explain it in these terms: 

Whether you own a retail store or a service oriented business, let’s say you get 50 website visitors per day.  And out of the 50 website visitors, 2 per day either make a purchase or give you a lead.  Pay very close attention to what I’m about to ask next…

“What about the other 48 website visitors?”

Let’s go back to the 85% I mentioned in the beginning, and rehash the question, “Who is selling these customers during the first 85% of their buying journey?” The answer?  My clients.  Why? Because as a general rule of thumb, I’m the only one in the area marketing to them… sometimes even up to a year before they finally purchase.  How?  Because I at least get a lead from several of the other 48 website visitors that your competition doesn’t get.  

For example, my first client, all the way back in February of 2017 was averaging about 30 website leads per month.  60 days later we began averaging 90 leads per month. 

I have a client in 2018, where in my first 7 months his business received over 1,400 more phone calls year-over-year – that’s over 200 more phone calls per month on average. 

I’ll be posting more in-depth about lead generation in the near future.  Please feel free to Contact Me Now, or simply take a second to fill out the form below to get instant access to all of my current and future publications. 

#2 Free Up Your Time With Christian Email Automation

Discover the value of Christian Email Automation...

Look.  I get it!  All this online marketing stuff can be scary, and also bothersome when you’re thinking about your budget… and your time.  But… when you finally get this system implemented into your business model, not only will you begin bringing in lots more revenue, but you’ll free up a lot more time to spend with your loved ones – especially after getting started with Christian Email Automation. 

In the automotive industry, I refer to my proven system as The Invisible Lead Generating & Car Selling Machine.  And that’s exactly what this is.  Most importantly, it’s automated!

Why Automate?

Leads come in through your website and other avenues at all times of the day and night.  Therefore, when a new lead or purchase comes in through your website, you can have a preset automated email that goes out to the customer.  It’s like having a full-time salesman who works 24/7, that you don’t ever have to pay. 

Moreover, let’s say that it’s a lead and not a purchase.  You can instantly begin sending out a complete automated email segmentation that educates the consumer not only on the product, but on your business as well.  And this automation can go on for days, weeks, or as long as you like. 

But speaking of segmentation, that’s another important part of this process. 

#3 Provide Excellent Customer Service With Christian Email Segmentation

Get your customers excited with Christian Email Segmentation

Get Your Customers Excited!

Give your customers what they want with Christian Email Marketing...

Give Your Customers What They Really Want!

Drive the results your business needs...

Grow Your Business Like Never Before!

What gets you excited?  You and I, just like everyone else in the world, get excited when we get what we want. 

And what makes us un-excited?  You got it.  When we don’t get what we want. 

Twice a month I get an email from the dealership from which I purchased my new Silverado a few years back.  And rarely do I ever receive an email from them that gets me excited.  

… wanna know why?

Because rarely do I ever get an email that has to do with the vehicle I enjoying driving… my truck.  I get emails about buying the new Traverse, Tahoe or other models.  And sure, I get emails about the latest hot Silverado model.  But more often than not, the emails I get from them are simply generic emails that make me feel like all they want is my money.  Sound familiar?

Email segmentation isn’t just something else to add to your plate of things to do.  No!  It’s one of the most incredible forms of excellent customer service that exists today

Instead of your customers having to go online to try and find what gets them excited, you have the golden opportunity to give them what they want as often as you please. 

So… how do you know what your customers want?  Well, if they’re a previous customer you already know what they want, because they’ve already purchased from you.  And if Jane is a “Plus” size, and you’re constantly sending her emails about the latest fashion in Juniors and Petites, do you really think that’s going to get her excited?  Or worse… will it make her very depressed?

Learn More Now about Christian Email Segmentation…

#4 Continuously Increase Your Profits By Continuously Building Your Email Marketing List

Build Your Christian Email Marketing List Starting Now...

Imagine, as a business owner, if twice a month your mailman only delivered your mail.  And he delivered it to 100,000 people in your local area.  And your piece of mail was an ad for your business.  Do you think you would get a little business out of that?

Well this is exactly what it’s like when you Build Your List.  To state it very plainly…. “When you own a list of emails, YOU OWN MEDIA!” Let me say it again… “YOU OWN MEDIA.”  It’s like having your own virtual newspaper stand that sells magazines and media with only your ads in them. 

“But, Josh, I’ve heard that email marketing is dead…”  Well as King George once said, “I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona… and if you’ll buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free…”

In 2017 I was speaking to a 3rd party representative in the automotive industry.  I guess he was having a bad day because he was on a rant and was needing to vent.  He was rambling on and on about how email marketing was dead.  Knowing that he was also the rep for my client’s competitors, I asked, 

“Are you teaching this to all your clients?” 

REP: “Heck yeah!”

ME:  “Good.  Keep up the good work my friend…”

What he obviously didn’t know was:  on any given month, I was selling up to 37 vehicles for my client!

Therefore, I was more than happy that he was in the midst of teaching all of my competitors that email marketing is dead. 

Now, there are many ways to perpetually build your list.  Whether it’s through:

  • Christian Email Marketing
  • Christian Social Media Marketing
  • Inside Your Own Place of Business
  • Your Business Website

… and on and on I could go. But this I can guarantee:  When you are continuously building and marketing to your list in the proper way, very, very rarely will you ever have a slow month in business…

Learn More About Christian Email List Building Now…

Christian Email Marketing Is Not Dead – It’s Surely Alive!

So now that you’re generating more leads than ever through your business website, automating your emails, and segmenting the list that you are continuously building, now it’s time to send out your monthly Email Marketing Campaigns as well.

“But, Josh, I’ve heard that people get tons of emails everyday.  How can I compete with that?”

You can and will compete with that, because most of the emails people receive on a daily basis are “Junk” emails.  But your emails don’t have to be junk.

As an Expert Direct Response Copywriter, I can assure you there is a proper way to send out emails that increases not only Open Rates, but also Click Through’s to your business website.  Which leads to more sells and profits for you.

A professional email should consist of: 

  • The 4 U’s In The Email Subject Line
  • A Thought Grabbing Title
  • The Lead
  • The Promise
  • The Push
  • The Call-To-Action (CTA)

… just to name a few.

But Here’s Your Golden Nugget: When sending out an email, you’re targeting a specific, segmented customer, who has specific wants, desires and needs.  Therefore, as we discussed earlier, give your customers what they want and need.

  • Educate your customers about your company.
  • Educate you customers about the products and services they’re interested in.
  • Don’t waste their time and energy with too many generic emails (Follow the 80/20 rule).  If you have to send out generic-type emails, only do so 20% of the time.  The other 80% should be highly targeted emails to your segmented lists.

This is the Proven 5-Step System to Your Invisible Lead Generating & Selling Machine.  

In Christ, 

Joshua Vickery

The Creative Christian Copywriter

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