Christian SEO: Discover How to IMMEDIATELY Drive The Best Quality Traffic to Your Business Website…

Your Step by Step Process for Christian SEO...

When it comes to Christian SEO, it is the beginning of a process that can literally change and revive your business in just a few weeks.  It even continues to get better and better even at months 5 and 6.  And when done properly, over time you can have one of the most successful pieces of online real estate in the world.  

That’s right!  Whether you own a retail business, or a business that is service oriented, “YOU” can have one of the most successful websites in the world.  Whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth.  

And like I said, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the “beginning” of your Christian Marketing process.  It is not the means to an end of things.  For instance, you could literally drive a million potential customers to your website every day, but if they are not buying your product or service, or giving you a lead… then what does it matter?

This is why I have set out to help 500 Christian Business Owners over the next 5 years, to double their business. And you are most definitely more than welcome to be 1 of the 500. 

So… what do you need to know about SEO?  For starters, we’re going to begin with: 

  • Keyword & Keyword Phrase Research. 
  • SEO TItles.
  • SEO Meta Descriptions. 
  • SEO Picture Tagging. 
  • SEO Content (Do’s and Dont’s).
  • SEO Page Building. 
  • Internal Linking

 … and there will be many other tips and tricks along the way that I’ll share with you.  But for now, this will give us a good start to our journey. 

Christian SEO Keywords & Keyword Phrases

Getting Into The Minds & Thoughts of Your Customers…

Begin Your Christian SEO Strategy with Keyword and Keyword Phrase Research...

There are several different ways you can perform your Keyword and Keyword Phrase research.  You can choose to pay for quality key phrases, or you can get them free from Google.  I don’t know about you, but I like FREE best. 

To begin, you must first create a Google Ads account.  And to ensure that you will truly have one of the most powerful websites in your profession, go ahead and connect your website to Google Analytics and the Google Search Console as well, if you haven’t already done so.  Though I’ll teach you the incredible value of these later, I can assure you, Analytics and Console are priceless!

Now, once you’ve gotten your Adwords account set up, you can navigate through the tools section and begin your keyword and keyword phrase research.  

For example, let’s say you sell Christian Tees in the Dallas, TX area.  You would go into your Ads account; target Dallas, TX, and you might start with searching the terms “Christian Tee Shirts” and maybe “Jesus Tee Shirts.”  And what you will discover is truly one of the most fascinating and priceless discoveries a business owner could ever hope for!  You will actually (possibly for the first time in your life), get a glimpse into the minds and thoughts of your customers!!!

Key Phrase Low High Competition
christian t shirts 100 1,000 High
christian tee shirts 10 100 High
jesus tee shirts 10 100 High
women’s christian t shirts 10 100 High
bible verse t shirts 10 100 High
christian tees 10 100 High
men’s christian tees 10 100 High
scripture t shirts 10 100 High
gospel t shirts 10 100 High

Above, you will notice 10 of the nearly 300 results I got back from my search request.  

Amazingly, would you have ever imagined between 100 and 1,000 people per month Google Search “christian t shirts” in the Dallas, TX area.  Most importantly, wouldn’t you like one (if not several) of your web pages to show up on the first page of Google when someone in the Dallas area searches that phrase?  

In addition, that’s nearly 1,000 potential customers every month that you could have.  1,000!!!!!  Could that help your business just a little?

… and that’s only with one search result.  That doesn’t include the other 9 search results from above.  And remember, this is only 10 Google search results of nearly 300. 

Are you starting to get the picture?  Can you now see how I’ve been able to set record breaking sells and lead generations for automotive dealerships?  Does it make more sense, now, as to why I recently launched a campaign on helping Christian Business Owners to Double Their Business in Only 6 Months?

Go more in-depth, discovering the difference between Head-Term, Long-Tail and Transactional Keyword Phrases in Part 2: Better Understanding Christian Keyword Phrases

Save precious time from hours and hours of research, by getting your answers right now.  You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from a quick consultation with Google’s #1 Ranked Christian Internet Marketing Company in the world.  Discover how in the FAQ below…

What Christian Marketing Services Do You Offer?2020-10-17T04:28:23-05:00

Believe it or not, we’re so much more than a Christian Copywriting Company. 

When we launched The Creative Christian Copywriter in 2016, we offered Direct Response Copywriting Services. However, we quickly learned that superior copywriting plays a role in almost every facet of Christian Marketing… both online and offline. 

Therefore, we offer Christian Marketing Services such as:



Do You Also Offer Church Marketing?2020-10-17T04:38:01-05:00


We offer Christian Marketing services for:

  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Ministries

… and anyone else.

We offer marketing strategies for almost every niche.  For example, we serve several New and Used car dealerships across the country.

Can You Help Us Create a Marketing Strategy?2020-10-17T04:47:36-05:00

Without a doubt. 

We are constantly encouraging clients to save weeks and months of researching, and simply let us help create their marketing strategy.  Or at least allow us to help point you in the right direction. 

You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish in just a few hours of consultation. 

What Are Your Consultation Fees?2020-10-17T05:00:39-05:00

Great question.  And thanks so much for asking. 

Instead of wasting hours and hours of your valuable time researching, just to come up empty handed, why not go to the source now?

We’ve literally had clients in tears (tears of joy that is).  Whether in an hour, a half day, or even a whole day of consultation, you can get the answers you’re searching for Right Now. 

Either by Phone Call or Zoom.  And our consultation fee is only $50 per hour

With “Share-Screen,” we can actually help you with website technical issues in real time.  Just share your screen and we’ll walk you through it all.

Whether you need an hour, or even an entire day…

Schedule your consultation now! 

Christian SEO That Drives High Quality Traffic…

Please remember, the purpose of great Christian SEO isn’t simply to drive tons of traffic to your website.  Rather, the purpose is to drive tons of High Quality traffic to your business website. 

Therefore, we always have to keep in mind what it is that Google wants to provide for its customers.  Though I shared good insights about this in a recent article about Christian SEO Services, Google wants to give its clients exactly what they are looking for. 

In this instance, when a consumer goes to the Google search bar and searches, “christian t shirts,” what is it exactly do you think they’re seeking?  That’s correct!  They’re looking for an assortment of Christian T-Shirts to browse and shop.  And guess what?  Depending on where you live, odds are there are thousands of people – in your neck-of-the-woods – who are searching for Christian Tees each and every month… THOUSANDS!!

All you have to do is tell Google what you’ve got to offer through great Christian SEO…

I’ll leave you today with this thought:

I ran into a friend a couple months back who works for a commercial appraising company.  later that day he texted me, “Hey, you might be able to help my company, but not many people search for “commercial appraisals” on Google.  Everything we get comes through the banks.”

So I did some quick research (knowing basically nothing about the company he works for) and texted him back:  “Jake, your company lives on mostly referrals, you hardly do any business through your website, and every passing year you’re doing less and less business… and everyone in your office is blaming it on competition moving in.  Oh, and by the way, about 1,000 per month in a 50 mile radius are Google-Searching ‘Commercial Appraising Companies.'”

Within 2 weeks I was having lunch with my friend, Jake.  He asked, “How in the world could you have known all that about my company?  You hit the nail on the head!”

My point?  Just like my friend, Jake, Everything you need to Double Your Business in 2020 is available at your fingertips.  All you need to do is to take hold of this opportunity firmly with both hands, and prepare for the ride of your life.  

Please, don’t continue to be like so many others who continue to watch their business diminish year after year after year.  If you want your business to change… then you’re going to have to be the one who changes it. 

God Bless, and have a blessed day!

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“”I have been watching your videos that are in your ebook and I am very grateful and blessed to have run across your website; you definitely have a good handle on SEO”… September 15th, 2020

James E., Nevada, Trinity Recovery Coaching

I have been praying recently that God would please help me either learn what I need to learn, or give me some help or a resource of some kind that will help ME with what I NEED. When I found your site the other night, my jaw dropped! So, thank you for what you do! It was a legit answer to prayer. And quite honestly, it was the first bit of info that I actually understood, and, well, I have to say that you’re definitely working in your calling! THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH… August 18th, 2020

Pam K., Florida, Hello Fish Live

Great info!!!! I loved the course… July 8th, 2020

Adriana M., New Mexico, D and A Custom

“Josh, I’ve learned more in the first 4 videos of your book than I did in an entire 12 week SEO course I recently had taken…” June 30th, 2020

Jacque H., Indiana

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