Faith-Based Lead Generation: Understanding the Process

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There are many variables involved when it comes to faith-based lead generation.  Just like there are many variables involved when it comes to website development and search engine optimization.  And in just a moment I’m going to walk you through those lead generation steps.

However, first I’d like to give a brief explanation as to why there is a need for this so-called faith-based lead generation.

Have you ever heard a business owner (possibly even a close friend) say, “I spent $2,500 on designing my business website, launched it, but nothing happened.”  Well, odds are good that the reason “nothing happened,” is because the business owner got exactly what he paid for…. a website design.

The TRUTH, however, is that a successful, high-functioning, lead generating, profit-driving website is built like a well-oiled machine with several different lubricated parts.  And design is only one functioning part of the entire machine.  Make sense?

Understanding the Well-Oiled Machine

At the beginning of 2020, I set out to truly educate the Christian Community on everything needed for developing a highly successful website.  Which you will find links throughout this article to specific posts about website development and search engine optimization.  I have also previously written about developing your website for lead generation.

Therefore, all year I’ve been leading you to the best kept secret when it comes to launching your business website.  And the best part is that website optimization architecture is an easily understandable, proven process.  And the most commonsensical way to explain it is doing so by also answering important questions asked by most business owners:

Question:  “How can I spend $2,500 on a new website design, but see hardly any good results?”  

Answer:  You can have the most beautifully designed website in the world, but if no one comes to the website, then it is completely useless.  It would be like building a Vacation Resort on a beautiful remote island that was so remote, no one even knew it existed.

Question:  “I’ve spent tons of money on getting lots of website traffic.  So why have I not seen a lot more sells?”

Answer:  Traffic does not equal sells.  Is the traffic good, quality traffic?  You could literally get 1 Million website visitors everyday.  But if you don’t provide the services or products they’re looking for, then they have no need to waste more time on your website.  98% of your website visitors will not purchase on their first visit.  Therefore, wouldn’t it be nice to at least get a lead?

Question:  “I get a lot of website leads every month, so why am I not seeing an increase in sells?”

Answer:  The “fortune,” as it was spoken by the men and women of old, “is in the follow-up.”  Do you have a specific follow-up system in place that includes Email Automation, Segmentation and Marketing?

Are you starting to finally see the bigger picture as to how there are multiple cogs in this wheel?  How each cog plays a very specific part in the road leading to the sell?  And yes, it is truly a pragmatic approach that includes:

  • Building your website (design)
  • Driving good, quality traffic to your website (seo)
  • Getting the sell or Capturing the lead (faith-based lead generation)
  • Following up with your leads (email marketing).

So now, let’s dive into maximizing faith-based lead generation.

The Role of Faith-Based Lead Generation

Expert Faith-Based Lead Generation Strategies

When I talk about capturing the lead, or website lead generation, what I’m specifically referring to is either:

  • Receiving a direct phone call from a potential customer whom has visited your website
  • Receiving a Name and Email Address from a potential customer whom has visited your website

So, where do you begin?

Ironically enough, you first begin by placing your Business Phone Number all over your website.  Secondly, you place “Lead Forms” on every possible page of your website.  You would not believe how many websites I’ve audited that literally do not have a phone number, email address, or even business address on the home page of their website. 

I’m most definitely not “poking fun” at the fact.  I’ve just had to continually remind myself that you are in the business of “X,” and I am the internet marketing expert.  And you really shouldn’t know much about this stuff. 

Now, one of the most popular forms of lead generation on your website is through lead forms.  Lead forms are simple forms that, on most websites, ask the site visitors to: 

  • Sign up for our Newsletter
  • Sign up for our Blog
  • Sign up for our VIP Discounts

However, these are very generic lead forms, and very seldom do they generate leads… if ever.

On the other hand, if you’re really trying to generate meaningful leads, then you must master the art of using what is called “Lead Magnets.”

Create Massive Lead Generation with Lead Magnets

Lead Magnet – A tiny piece of information that provides an Ultra-Specific Solution to an Ultra-Specific Problem.

All niches and industries are different.  Therefore, lead magnets come in many different shapes and sizes.  A few examples might include digital downloads for:

  • Free eBooks
  • White Papers
  • Specific PDF files

… I could go on and on.  Regardless of what the lead magnet is, you must be certain that it provides an ultra-specific solution to an ultra-specific problem.  And quite honestly, it’s not very difficult. 

For example, right now you are reading this article about faith-based lead generation.  Therefore, as the author of this article, and CEO and Founder of Google’s #1 Ranked Christian Internet Marketing Company in the World, I should ask myself, 

“What would be a valuable piece of information I could offer to the reader of this article?”

Well, I don’t yet have an eBook on lead generation.  However, I do have the next best thing.  

The one thing every website owner “Must” have in order to start generating leads is… good, quality traffic.  What better way to generate this traffic than with your own downloadable eBook on Search Engine Optimization?

Therefore, Right Now for a limited time only, I’m going to literally give you “SEO 2020 for Christian Business Owners.” It is: 

  • The absolute 1st of its kind ever provided to Christian business owners, entrepreneurs and ministries
  • FREE Downloadable PDF
  • Highly praised by everyone whom has purchased it
  • Over 5-hours of step-by-step video tutorials showing you “exactly” how to lay an unshakable foundation for your website 

… and the best part is: I’m not joking.  It’s yours.  Free.  Right Now.  For a limited time.  

So download it now, and then get back to the article.

Now, having downloaded your free SEO eBook, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the eBook lead magnet Ultra-Specific?  yes
  • Does it provide a specific solution to one of my specific problems?  yes
  • Is it a unique offer?  yes, the only one of its kind… and it’s free
  • Does the lead magnet look differently than most average “sign up for our newsletter” lead forms?  yes

And to make it even more enticing.  Below, I’ve even add some real testimonies of real Christian Business Owners and entrepreneurs whom I’ve never met.

“”I have been watching your videos that are in your ebook and I am very grateful and blessed to have run across your website; you definitely have a good handle on SEO”… September 15th, 2020

James E., Nevada, Trinity Recovery Coaching

I have been praying recently that God would please help me either learn what I need to learn, or give me some help or a resource of some kind that will help ME with what I NEED. When I found your site the other night, my jaw dropped! So, thank you for what you do! It was a legit answer to prayer. And quite honestly, it was the first bit of info that I actually understood, and, well, I have to say that you’re definitely working in your calling! THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH… August 18th, 2020

Pam K., Florida, Hello Fish Live

Great info!!!! I loved the course… July 8th, 2020

Adriana M., New Mexico, D and A Custom

“Josh, I’ve learned more in the first 4 videos of your book than I did in an entire 12 week SEO course I recently had taken…” June 30th, 2020

Jacque H., Indiana

How You Can Generate More Website Leads Immediately

There are many different ways of generating leads through your website.  Too many to include in a single article.  Nevertheless, you can start right now.  All you must do is ask yourself,

“What is something valuable I can offer to my website visitors for free?”

If you own a Christian Book Store, how difficult would it be to create a digital downloadable pdf. prayer book?

Or… let’s say you own a home appliance repair business.  I think most everyone would love to download a little eBook or pdf. file of “The Top 20 Tips on Maintaining Your Household Appliances…”

Then, once you have the lead… you Nurture the Lead through Email Automation, Segmentation and Email Marketing. 

Though we don’t have time to dive deep into Nurturing and Converting the Lead, allow me to give you a couple of quick tips. 


As new leads come in, the best thing to do is “Segment” the leads – place them in their own category.  Why?  If someone sends you a lead for Women’s Christian V-Neck Tee Shirts, wouldn’t it be silly to start sending her a bunch of emails on Men’s Christian Jackets?  You nurture each specific lead by sending them what they want and need.  Which more often than not is to be educated about the product.  Then, they have all the information they need to make an Educated Buying Decision.


Now, once the customer has all the information she needs, maybe you send her an email containing a 10% coupon on all Women’s Christian V-Neck Tee Shirts. 

When it comes to faith-based lead generation, I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention your possibilities.  I’ve seen companies double, triple, and even 5X their revenue and profits with a properly implemented lead generation and follow-up system.

Plus, when it comes to lead magnets, we’re now doing the heavy lifting for you.  Discover how we’re now offering Lead Magnet & Interactive Flipbooks Design Services.

My #1 Secret to Website Lead Generation

I truly hope you’ve gotten what you’ve needed out of this article.  Most importantly, I hope you better understand that a successful website is not just one, but several different parts working together as a whole.  Just like in Christ, we are many members… but we make up just one body. 

  • Therefore, building a beautifully designed website is important… but it isn’t most important.  You must also: 
  • Drive good quality traffic with excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Capture leads with lead magnets that provide an ultra-specific solution to an ultra-specific problem
  • Nurture and Convert the leads through Email Marketing, Automation and Segmentation (which we’ll get to a bit later)

And though I’ve had to use several technical terms in this article explaining faith-based lead generation, my #1 secret to generating leads, sells and success, is none other than having a heart to serve and love others.  

Yes, you must still fulfill the technical side of this website building stuff.  However, more often than not, I find that giving more than I get is the solution to all of my problems.  As Christ has told us, the greatest among us will be the greatest servant of all…..

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God Bless You, and I hope and pray you have a wonderful Christmas season of business…

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