How To Create Massive Website Lead Generation & Sells For Your Business…

Create Massive Lead Generation and Sell for Your Christian Business

First Thing's First: Getting Your Business... Well,Just Ready To Do Business!

Imagine building your dream home.  And I mean a mega-dream home; the kind of home where all your friends can’t wait to come and see what it looks like on the inside.  A couple of weeks go by, as they all impatiently watch the new furniture and amenities being delivered to your dream home.  

Then… the day finally comes when you invite all your friends over for a very impressive house-warming party.  BUT… when they arrive, all they encounter are brown boxes of clothes, dishes, and stuff stacked everywhere.  The new furniture and amenities are still wrapped in plastic.  Your guests can barely even navigate through your so-called “Dream Home,” because of all the junk scattered throughout!

What a letdown to all your guests.  They were all hoping for a new and unique experience.  But all you’ve left them with are reasons to never come back

Sadly, this is the same experience most every customer has when visiting 99% of all business websites today.  It goes something like this: 

Maybe potential paying customer clicked through an online ad, or maybe they accidentally landed on the site.  Nevertheless, they have something very specific they’re looking to purchase.  And at this point, the owner of the website literally has less than 3 seconds to grab the customer’s attention.  LESS THAN 3 SECONDS!

But… what does this customer see???

… A Business That Still Has Some Unpacking To Do!

Get Your Christian Website Ready for Maximum Lead Genration

Look, I understand.  Someone once told you, “All you need is a website, and your business will make tons of money!”  However, when you first launch your business website, that’s not the time to stop and smell the coffee.  

Think of it like this.  On the day someone opens a brick-and-mortar store, they’ve already had to:

  • Unpack the boxes
  • Stock the shelves
  • Create a system for customer service
  • Hire a cashier

… and much, much more. 

However, of the 4 duties I’ve just mentioned above, the one that always (and I mean always) gets left out when it comes to launching a business website is “Create a System For Customer Service.”

Just think about it!!

You and I have both walked into a store we’d never before visited, with an intent to purchase a specific item.  The only problem is… we don’t know where to find it, because it’s our first time in the store. 

We wander up and down the isles looking and searching, but to no avail.  Then we finally begin looking for customer assistance from an employee… but they’re nowhere to be found.  And once our frustration has hit the ceiling, we walk out the front sliding-glass doors; mumbling to ourselves, “I’m never coming back here again.”

On the other hand, how awesome is it when you’re standing in the isle with a bewildered look on your face, and a friendly employee greats you with, “Is there something I can help you find, today?”  I’ll tell you.  5 minutes later you’re walking out the front sliding-glass doors with exactly what you came to buy.  You even went the extra mile when you purchased a Mountain Dew in the checkout line. 

When it comes to creating Massive Lead Generation and an Exponential Growth in Your Online Sells, all you really must do is…

Create Massive Website Lead Generation by Turning Reality Into a Virtual Reality
Christian Website Lead Generation and Conversion
Don't You Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas for Your Business?

The truth is… it can. 

Right about now you might be asking, “Josh, I thought this article was about massive lead generation?”  Well, just be patient Grasshopper, And in just a moment I’m going to explain how your business can truly have exponential financial growth in 2020 with Massive Lead Generation.  And all you have to do is turn reality into a virtual reality

For example, let’s take the friendly employee who approached you in the isle, asking, “Is there something I can help you find, today?”  

What if you had a Virtual Employee who greeted every potential customer as they arrive to your website?  Wouldn’t that be helpful to both your business and the customer? 

Now, put yourself into the customer’s shoes for just a moment.  When you enter a store (in this case a virtual store – a website) what are the questions you need help with the most: 

  1. Does this store (website) have what I’m looking for?
  2. If so, how do I find it?
  3. If so, how do I find it as quickly as possible?
  4. If I do find it, how much will it cost compared to other retailers?
  5. If I buy it, how long will it take till it’s on my front doorstep?
  6. If I can’t find it on this website, can this site owner get it for me?
  7. If they can, how long will it take?

… and I’m sure there are several more really relative and meaningful questions we can come up with.  BUT… now what do you do with these questions? 

You. Answer. Them.  

However, you don’t just answer them.  You provide those answers for your customers and potential customers while they’re on your website

When it comes to creating Massive Website Lead Generation on your business website, the answer is truly quite simple. 

  1. Answer all the questions your potential customer might have – even if they don’t know they have them.
  2. Provide these answers on your website in appropriate settings. 
  3. Make it super simple and convenient for the customer to navigate your website – able to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. 
  4. Make the customer’s Q & A convenient – make it easy for them to contact someone with any questions they may have. 
  5. Place contact forms on every page possible. 

When this is done properly, you will be amazed at what transpires with not only your lead generation, but also your profits. And it’s remarkable when you combine this with the rest of the funnel.  

What I enjoy most are the business owners who greatly excel at this.  And what sets them apart from others?

Well, it’s a secret.  A secret I’ve never shared until this very moment. 

In order to truly… truly become overwhelmingly successful with your online business, there’s only one thing you must do to make it all work properly.

Answer:   You simply must truly care about the customer. 

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