As a man of God, and follower of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I can say with all sincerity and truth: 

“An actual Expert Direct Response Christian Copywriter… is the absolute best-kept secret in the Christian Internet Marketing arena today.”

Furthermore, I’d be doing a horrible disservice by not advising every business owner I come into contact with that: “If you don’t have someone who truly understands the process of generating leads through your website (whether by forms or phone calls), then don’t bother even having a website.”

Most every business owner and entrepreneur in the world today (whether Christian or secular) simply don’t know that they don’t know. 

To prove my point, when you view my copywriting prices, your immediate thought is something like:

“I’d never pay someone $1,000 just to send out an email for my business…”  And maybe at this point in time, there is no need for you to send out an email at all.  Maybe you don’t even have a database to send an email to.  

BUT… what if we could start generating tons of leads through your website?  Then, what if we could set up an awesome email automation series that began generating approximately $2,000 of revenue every month for your business?

Here’s Your Proof

I began with a client in 2017.  When I came onboard, he had:

  • Been in Business 4 Years
  • Averaged 38 Website Form Leads Per Month

Therefore, by making some changes on his website (using Web Page Optimization Architecture), and implementing an Email Marketing Series, within 60 days we jumped to:

  • 71 Website Leads Per Month

The first 6 months, we averaged: 

  • 99.33 Website Leads Per Month

To help put that into perspective, without the adjustment, he would have received approximately 228 website leads during that 6-month period.  With the content adjustments, we actually received 596 website leads.  And, yes, that’s almost tripling the amount of website leads.

Then respectively, we achieved:

  • 126.67 Website Leads per month the first 12 months (creating a $1,000,000 Gross Profit swing from -$400,000 to $600,000).
  • 208.25 Website Leads per month the following 12 months (this even includes 5 months of the COVID-19 dilemma).

By the Grace of God, this success was possible only due to Expert Direct Response Copywriting Skills and the implementation therein.