Your Perfect Online Christian Marketing Strategy Begins Here

A Guaranteed Massive Christian Marketing Business Growth Strategy:  10 Variables that are Guaranteed to Dramatically Grow Your Business, and 1 Variable that will Place You as the Authoritative Voice in Your Industry… No matter the Type of Christian Business You Have

Your Perfect Christian Marketing Strategy by The Creative Christian Copywriter
  • Get Your Business or Ministry Online

  • Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Content Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • List Building

  • Email Marketing & Automation

  • Social Media Marketing

“Where have all my customers gone over the past few years?  I mean, I used to have 5 employees, but now I only have 2… and I’m one of them?”

Does this sound familiar…?

The truth is, in today’s world if you don’t have a good marketing strategy, whether you know it or not, you are falling more and more behind everyday.  That may not be easy to hear.  However, though the truth hurts, I believe I’ve read somewhere before that it also sets us free.

How would you like to be free from so many of the everyday worries and struggles of today’s Christian Business Leader? 

Moreover, how would you like to have a strategy put into place where the sales actually take care of themselves, and all you have to do is run your business?  You know, the way your business used to be?

My Absolute Guarantee (though I always say, “God willing”):  If you properly implement these strategies into your business plan, not only will your business flourish, but you will find that you’re able to operate it so much more easily and efficiently… 

Now, let’s move to Step #1 of Your Perfect Christian Marketing Strategy.

Get Your Business Online

I’ve heard it said that if your business doesn’t have a website, then you’re basically just running a yard sale; where you’re just waiting and hoping for someone to drop in and rummage through your store.

No matter if you own a plumbing business, a lawn-care service or a full blown Christian retail store, if you don’t have an online presence in today’s business world, then your business is rarely noticed by the public.

Christian Marketing actually begins with Christian Internet Marketing. 

The customer no longer goes to where the business is.  Rather, the business has gone to where the customer is… which is online.  Therefore, to answer the question, “Where have all my customers gone over the past few years,” they have gone online.  And whichever plumber, landscaping company or full blown retailer is online, they are also the one whom is going to get the business.

“But Josh, I have gone online!  I have my own Business Facebook Page.” 

Word to the Wise:  I see it day-in and day-out, and it is potentially the #1 mistake that could cause your business to close its door someday.  There are so many business owners whom have made Facebook the website for their businesses.  If this is your situation as well, then what you need to know is:

  1. You don’t own that page. Facebook does.
  2. Facebook only allows you to advertise to about 5% of your Fan Page followers – you have to pay for the rest.
  3. You Do own your website.
  4. You control who sees your information on that website.

Whenever Facebook decides to change up their algorithms, your way of business will change – no matter how hard you’ve worked to build it.  In an instant you can, and will, lose everything you’ve spent years building on your business page.

Now, having a Facebook Business Page is not a bad thing at all.  And in just a bit, I’m going to tell you how to use your Page as an incredible Business Growth Weapon.

Look, I understand that you’re concerned and know little to nothing about websites.  However, there are professional Christian Marketers like myself who can take care of all that for you.  And I have designed my business in such away that it is incredibly affordable, and you can even set up payment plans if necessary.

Those such as myself will also be more than happy to actually help you to maintain your website.  We’re here to help!

Therefore, your first step to building a Marketing Strategy is to get your online business up and running.  Learn more about our monthly maintenance services now…

How Google Helps Your Christian Marketing Strategy

When it comes to Christian Marketing and advertising your business to the world, Google is not only your friend, but they are your best friend.

Once your Christian Business Website is up and running, now it is time to move to some of the best marketing tools in your business: Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Though I could write a book on this topic, I’ll try and keep it simple.

Once your site is up and running, you will want to connect it to each of these FREE Google Services.  The reason being is that each of these services will give you incredible data that will make you appear to have become a Marketing Genius!

GOOGLE CONSOLE has several awesome benefits, but for today I’ll narrow it down. 

One incredible benefit is that Your Console helps you to see how people are finding your Christian Website online.  Not only does it tell you “Exactly” which keyword phrases people are Google-searching, but also how many times they are searching that phrase per month.  And… Your Console tells you where your posts and pages rank when those specific search terms are Googled!  How awesome is that?

For instance, over the past 28 days, people have Google-searched the key-phrase “Christian Internet Marketing” 99 times.  My average page-ranking for that search term is 1.2.  Therefore, if you were to search that phrase right now, you’d most likely find my business sitting at the top of Google. 

The results would be the same if you were to search the key-phrase “Christian Email Marketing.”  My article on Christian Email Marketing generally shows up on Ranked #1 on Google as well.  

There are many searches where my posts and pages show up, however, this ranking system Google has will help you to see how you fair against the rest of the world.  And in just a bit, I’ll explain how “Search Engine Optimization” helps your chances of getting your posts and pages to the front of Google.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS is just as powerful, if not more powerful than your Console.

Google Analytics is designed to give you an absorbent amount of business data.  It shows you the details of how people bounce around through your site, and it even tells you from what country, state and city in which the people who visit your site live.  Do you think that could be useful when it comes to putting together your Christian Internet Marketing business strategy?

Therefore, can you see the power behind knowing what people are searching for when they’re looking for your business’ products and services?  Not only so, but what if you were to also know the gender, age and location of the persons who are searching for you?

Once you know whom your audience is, then you can adjust your online content to match your audience.

Speaking of content, let us move on to the #4 variable in your perfect step-by-step Christian Marketing Strategy.

Christian Content Marketing

When it comes to Christian Marketing, nothing gets me more excited than Christian Content Marketing.

In a previous article about Christian Content Marketing, I go into great detail about not only the importance of, but also the awesome power that comes with excellent content.

If you were to go online and begin searching for marketing strategies, there is no doubt you could find several million conceptual ideas as to the “Best Marketing Strategies” around.  And if you’re like so many others, you will spend tons of money on things like search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing, but in the end hardly see any results for your efforts.  Would you like to know why?

Have you ever gone to a restaurant that you’ve heard so many good things about, just to discover the food really isn’t that good?

Many websites you visit today have an appearance of a million dollar company; with flashy banners, scrolling sliders and rolling videos.  Though some of those videos can be quite informative, most of the time these websites have missed the mark.  After all, you didn’t visit the site for flashy pictures, you went there for information… for CONTENT!

Sure, you went to the restaurant to check out the atmosphere, but mostly you wanted to eat good food.  Which is exactly what your potential customers are looking for.

When someone stops by your website, you need to give them what they have come to find – which is great information; something they can sink their teeth into.  And it needs to be, no, it MUST BE well informative and well written.  And when you learn how to do this properly, you will find that you will begin getting more and more clients.  Why?  When you post page after page of excellent content, your site visitors will begin figuring out that you know what you’re talking about.  This builds trust, which leads them to believe that you are an Authoritative Figure in your industry.

And how do you continue to put out this highly informative information on a regular basis?  This brings us to the #5 variable to your perfect step-by-step marketing strategy.

Christian Business Blogging

Well I suppose I’ve already let you in on the little secret of how to become your industry’s leading authority.  And the best way to exert that authority is through your Christian Business Blog.

“But, Josh, I thought you said this program would allow me more time?  I don’t have time to write those petty blogs!”

Firstly, you don’t have to write your blogs.  There are Professional Christian Copywriters, including myself, who would absolutely love to serve you in this area. 

However, I will give you some leeway when it comes to this.  If you can create good video tutorials, then you can split the video/blog time in half.

The main point I’m hoping to impress upon you is that people all over the world, and in your local area, are looking for information.  Therefore, they start with Google – the information station.  And Google will provide the best information they can in order to best serve their clients.

Now, let’s say that you just don’t want to worry about all this “content” stuff.  Does it really effect your business if you forego the content aspect in your online Christian marketing strategy?

Christian Marketing at Its Worse

There are those who spend thousands of advertising dollars a year on Search Engine Optimization, Email Automation and Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and all kinds of Christian marketing techniques.  When it’s all said and done, they don’t achieve the results they were hoping for, and come to the conclusion that this online marketing stuff really doesn’t work. 

However, their conclusion couldn’t be further from the truth…

The reason all their Christian marketing strategies didn’t work is likely because, either:

  1. They hired a Christian Marketing Company who lacked efficiency.
  2. They are a company who tends to forego the content aspect in their Christian marketing strategy.

When #2 is the answer, this is when you will see Christian marketing at its worse.  Here’s why!

Let’s say you were running some Pay-Per-Click ads, and you had invested about $1,000 in the effort.  However, at the end of the campaign you had barely made your investment back, though you had countless hours involved.

So What Happened…?  Why was the campaign such a flop?

Like so many other business owners, either you, or the professional you hired, put together a great ad explaining how your business is sure to be the answer to your clients’ needs.

However, when the potential clients pulled your website up on their cell phone, they were left with nothing but a puzzling question: “Is this really the best service provider for my needs?” 

You see, you didn’t give them the desired conclusion they were after.  You hadn’t given them the information needed to convince them that you were an authoritative figure in your industry.  And do you know what they did at that time?  They went back to the first page of Google, and right below your ad they found another business’ website.  However, that website wasn’t on the front page of Google because they were running Pay-Per-Click ads.  They were on the front page of Google because they had earned the right.  They had excellent content.  Therefore, the customer purchased from the business who had provided the best content, and not the one who had just paid $1.12 for the “click.”

Your ad may have been written by the best Christian Copywriter in the country.  However, the content on your website, or lack thereof, did not support what the ad had portrayed to the consumer.

Before we move on to #6, let us take a quick look at the strategy thus far.

  1. Get a Website – It doesn’t matter if you have a Christian plumbing business or a flourishing Christian Book Store, it is imperative that you get your Christian online store up and running as soon as you possibly can.  If you feel you can’t afford one, please contact me before you come to any conclusions.  Not only can I provide you with a very professional inexpensive website, but I also allow for payment options.  I’m here to use my God-given gifts to serve the Christian Business Leader in every way possible.
  2. Connect your website to Google Console and Google Analytics in order to collect traffic data to your site.
  3. Christian Content Marketing – Sit down and think of 10 questions that, if answered, would be useful to your clients.  Then write 10 blog posts answering those questions.

I’ve devoted a lot of time in 2020 to content marketing, and the ROI has been incredible.  It can most definitely the lifeline to any online business.  And though the rest of this article will be quite informative, I will try to be brief.

On to #6…

Faith-Based Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Christian SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a skill used when trying to help get the pages and posts on your website to rank higher with Google.

Now, I first want to make it clear that no one, and I mean no one can guarantee you a seat at the King’s table on the front page of Google, except for Google themselves.  In the same way, it is wrong for you to ask someone to guarantee they can get you there.

Look, I understand that we live in a world of the “I want it now” mentality.  However, as with anything good in life, it is time that takes us on some of our greatest journeys.

Christian SEO is about Knowing how to find keywords and keyword phrases that people around the world type in the Google Search bar when seeking information on a particular subject.  Once discovering these keywords, a good SEO content writer can strategically place these words and phrases into the text of the content. 

Therefore, if you’re a proud owner of a Christian Book Store, it would be advantageous to know that the phrase “Christian Book Store” is Google-Searched approximately 60,500 times per month in the United States alone.  Interestingly enough, the phrase “Christian Book Store(s)” is only searched approximately 2,900 times per month.  Quite a big difference between the two, isn’t there?

Learning how to write good Christian SEO can most definitely be advantageous to getting higher page-ranks with Google.  However, always remember that you’re not selling your products and services to Google.  Your selling them to potential clients who could very easily become lifelong clients. 

Therefore, I believe it is good advice to suggest that you not forsake good content for good SEO.  

As they have been all throughout history, the client is still the most important aspect of our businesses.  They are the ones who pay our bills and put food on the table… not Google.

Learn everything you need to know Right Now about Keyword Phrase Research at our Christian SEO Blog.

Christian List Building

#7 on your perfect step-by-step online marketing strategy is what we refer to as List Building. 

I briefly mentioned this in a previous article about , 6 Essential Christian Marketing Tips for Every Christian Business.”

List Building simply refers to building a list of your customer’s email addresses.  Now, this may not seem like a category that would land on an article such as this, however, list building can turn into the most lucrative aspect of your business.

If you’re familiar with marketing statistics, you know that each email you have on your list should earn you about $1.00 per month.  Therefore, 100 emails should earn you about $100.  Having said that, what if you had 30,000 email addresses…?

Now do you see the importance of list building?

There are several ways of building your Christian Marketing list, and every way should be utilized. 

This list can be built through your WordPress signups, your blog subscribers and several other avenues.  One of the most common is through a lead magnet that has been strategically placed on your web pages and posts, or in the form of a pop-up. 

Oftentimes this lead magnet is a special coupon offer or a special informative report or case study.  In order to receive the offer, your visitors first have to leave their email addresses.

List Building can be fun, but it can also be challenging at times.  Nevertheless, just remember that with every added follower, there is another dollar added to your bank account every month.  But now let’s answer the question, “How do I make money from this list?”

Learn more right now about Faith-Based Lead Generation and Lead Magnets…

Christian Email Marketing & Automation

The 8th and 9th variables to your perfect online marketing strategies are Email Marketing and Email Automation

As I had previously mentioned, I have written email automation in a previous article.  And though Automation and Marketing are somewhat different, they can also work together.

I like to describe email automation as the emails that begin being sent out to new subscribers and/or customers.  Depending on how far advanced your online presence is, implementing an email automation strategy can be highly advantageous and highly lucrative.

Now, email automation is exactly what it sounds like.  It is emails that are sent “automatically” when triggered.  My 2 favorite platforms to use for email marketing and automation are Mailchimp and Constant Contact

Therefore, when I have an automation activated, a welcome email is sent out to my new subscribers.  However, this is only the beginning.  There is an incredible power behind automation.

Earlier I discussed good informational and educational content.  You can actually have an unlimited amount of pre-written, highly informational automated emails sent to new subscribers as often as you please; whether that be once a day, once a week, or monthly.

Think about that for just a moment.  You could have never spoken to a subscriber, but have given them tons of information about your business through automated emails.  This is an extremely powerful concept.  And the best part, you will hardly have any competition.  It has been the story of sales all throughout history: The fortune is in the follow-up, yet hardly anyone follows up.

Christian Email Marketing

Now, when it comes to Christian Email Marketing, this is often done when the customer has already purchased something from you, or you feel as though it is time to ask them to purchase something from you.

Let’s say you have a list of about 30,000 names and emails from previous paying clients.  On any given day, you can send out an email offering a special on a certain product or service – on any given day.

If you only had a $3 profit markup in a product, and you sent out that special offer to 30,000 people, there is a chance that you could make $90,000 in a single day.  Does that sound too good to be true?  Well let’s just take 10% of the 30,000.  You could make $9,000 in a single day.  That’s not too shabby if you ask me…

Christian Social Media Marketing

Lastly, I wanted to quickly touch on Christian Social Media Marketing.

There are a vast array of marketing strategies when it comes to social media; whether it be with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  However, I would like to quickly give an example with Facebook.

I mentioned earlier the dangers of building your business website on a Facebook Fan Page.  But now I would like to share with you the power of using that page to funnel clients to your website.

Once you’ve built your website, you can then connect it to your social media outlets.  And every time you post new content on your site (like your blog), you can then share it to your Facebook Business Page.

Once on your Business Page, Facebook will then give you an opportunity to “Boost” that post to a specific targeted audience.  For example, you could target 15,000 people for $50.

Think about that for a moment.  That advertising cost is a couple of penny’s per reach.  But… this is then where your content on your website begins playing a big role.

When people begin clicking on the boosted blog post, they will be directed, or funneled to your website.  Once reading the entire article, if it is indeed worthy of reading in its entirety, they will then begin browsing through your site.

Therefore, in closing, allow me to paint a beautiful masterpiece before your very eyes, using Your Perfect Step-by-Step Online Marketing Strategy.

  1.  You publish an excellent blog post on your website, which you can then post to your Facebook business page. (there are other ways of doing this as well through business manager)
  2.  Once your Facebook post has been viewed for a week or so, you then boost the post – whether it be to 4,000 or 15,000 people.
  3.  As the people begin clicking on your Facebook post, you will have the redirected to the actual post on your website.
  4.  Once at your site, the visitor will read your excellent article and then begin looking around the rest of your site.
  5.  While bouncing around your site, they will find a special report or discounted coupon (the lead magnet).
  6.  Once opting into your sweet lead magnet, they will immediately get an automated “Welcome” email, followed by other informational emails over the next week or so.
  7.  Once finally having been convinced that you are in fact an authoritative figure in your industry, you will either receive an email or phone call from the visitor, saying they’re ready to purchase your project or services.
  8.  After the purchase, you will continue to, whether monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, send out emails containing informational content pertaining to your field or business.  And when the time comes, they will buy from you again and again.

Now, this is a process, and it does take some piecing together.  Nevertheless, this is a proven strategy that guarantees massive business and revenue growth.

And don’t lie to yourself, saying, “When I get time I’m going to put this strategy together.”  You know as well as I that you’ll never have time to get this started.  So why wait any longer.

Every business is different, therefore there isn’t an exact price when it comes to getting your marketing system in place.  But when it comes to cost, I can assure you that it’s costing you thousands of dollars each week, month and year by not having Your Perfect Step-by-Step Online Marketing Strategy in place.

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Until Next Time,

In Christ,

Joshua Vickery